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Description of Products & Features

Surgery Scheduling & Clinical Forms

Our scheduling system and clinical forms used in every surgery case is comprehensive and easy to use. It provides a complete system to operate all your surgery services from the time a case is scheduled to the time a patient is discharged home.

Rated by healthcare providers as a best in the nation surgery package, clear, simple and easy to use. Enables physicians and nurses to spend more time with the patient and less time at a computer. 

Our customizable clinical forms contain all the required information for any procedure. Tested by users with human factors engineers and patient safety specialists to make the system highly liked and accepted by those that use it every day. Our PeriOptimization scheduling includes all the following clinical forms:

Request Procedure Case Booking Form With Advanced Implant Tracking

Acclaimed as one of the most sophisticated in the nation, our Case Request form integrates PAT activities to avoid delays and cancellations; thus driving volume for your facility. Our advanced CPT code and ICD-10 integration at the time of case booking enables 24 hour billing for every case. No more waiting for weeks to send a facility bill. Even more advanced is our system intelligence that captures information upfront for the automatic creation of a completed Operative Report. This saves surgeons or proceduralists a great deal of precious time and saves the facility/entity that owns the surgery services careline, a tremendous dollars saving in costs that are now no longer needed to pay for dictation. 

Anesthesia Consult Form

CPT and ICD integration with PAT scheduling integration at the initial time of the request to book a case. Anesthesia Consult Form with all the UCLA validated and Joint Commission and Medicare required clinical information. Our software enable remote access so patients and CRNAs or PAT nurses can complete this information remotely before the patient arrives at the hospital for utmost efficiency 3. ASU RN Preop information Form. All required nursing intake is included.  

Anesthesia Day of Note

Anesthesia Day Of Note  where the Anesthesiologist does a final check on patient clinical findings and plans for the type of anesthesia. H&P in our system is provided in advance of the day of surgery for easy Day Of update to meet all requirements and prevent delays in surgery start times.

Brief Op Note

Anesthesia Postop Note

Anesthesia PACU Discharge Note

Medication Reconciliation

Requires medication integration or client may simple input a current medications list. 

Perop Verification Checklist 

To assure everything is ready for a safe surgery.

Timeout Checklist 

Per the recent mandates by the WHO and The Joint Commission.

Automated Rapid Operative Report Completion

Eliminates the need for dictation.

Electronic Integrated Patient Discharge Instructions Feature

This product comes as a standalone package or integrated with our clinical surgery forms. We recommend this option be added to the total suite of surgery clinical forms so you integrate all things surgery related in one system. We are one of the first in the nation to use sophisticated integration intelligence within our system to provide post operative surgery instructions specific to the procedure the patient has undergone. Further, your staff and patients enjoy our advanced communications system that reminds patients, in the comfort of their home, of specific postoperative care activities including their medications, activities, diet and care of any surgical incisions. We also use our robotic surgery patient assistant to remind your patients about their follow-up appointments with their surgeons and their medical physicians to keep them safe. We also find it is proven to prevent ER visits or surgeon office visits and readmissions to the hospital following surgery or other procedures.

Customizable Templates of Forms

Enjoy a library of simple and customizable form templates that fit your specialty, workflow and charting preferences.   

Let's Work Together

When you purchase our clinical surgery forms, users will enjoy the rapid auto-population of  integrated surgical forms unlike any other system in the nation. Your nurses, schedulers and physicians will enjoy less time at a computer, and more time with focus on their patients. Our surgery software is safer, easier, comprehensive and less costly than any of our major competitors.

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